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fba fee calculator

A business on Amazon can be quite profitable when you have the right product mix. A product mix allows you to spread your costs and reduce risks that could result from listing a single product. Researching for the right products for your product mix is significant for a more profitable business outcome. Fortunately, that process is now easy with the help of a useful FBA calculator .  

What is an FBA Calculator

This is a tool that helps you to decide on the right products for your product mix by determining their profitability. An FBA calculator will generally help you to compare products based on their pricing and cost. The tool also allows you to know the impacts the weight of a product, its dimensions, the sales price, and the cost of the product have on the performance of the product in your product mix. One of the best tools for this purpose is the Amazon FBA Calculator .

Amazon’s FBA Calculator is quite easy to use. The steps of using the tool are as follows:

  1. Enter the name of the product you seek into the search tool, “find your product.” Listings of all the products of that kind on Amazon will surface. IO Scout present bsr calculator free trial! From here, you will get the choice to choose the product of your liking.
  2. Fill in the pricing information in the seller calculator on Amazon. The seller calculator is common for its two columns the Amazon fulfillment and your fulfillment columns. At the bottom is the total revenue from the product price and the shipping cost. These two columns are independent. “ Amazon Fulfilment ” is the calculation for when Amazon will do the storage of inventory, the packaging of an ordered item, and the shipping of the product to its buyer(Also termed Fulfillment by Amazon). “Your Fulfilment” is the one for the product you will do the storage of inventory, the packaging of ordered items, and shipping of the product to the purchaser. Upon entering the price information, it is now time to enter the shipping fee in case you will get any non-FBA orders on Amazon.
  3. Click calculate to determine the expense. On entering pricing information, the FBA calculator for Amazon will usually tell you how much it will expense you to ship to a customer by yourself. You also get to calculate the expense for shipping each item to Amazon's fulfillment centers. It is cost-effective to ship your products in bulk instead of individually.

Now that you have all the information filled in the calculator, it is now to get the full calculation. You will have the result for the profit margins, both for when you use FBA and FBM.

It takes a lot of time to fulfill an order by yourself. Amazon can save you that trouble do the math, and make your choice on the perfect fulfillment. Remember that you are not limited to this Amazon FBA revenue calculator . There are other tools can help with that.

Jungle Scout

This business financial tool categorizes the cost of your product into three, namely the upfront costs meant for things like cost of goods, the cost for taking photographs of products, and even costs for samples and shipping. The second category is the variable cost, which involves the fees for storage and fees for FBA. The last category is fees for marketing for things such as pay per clicks, among other promotion campaigns.

Helium tool

This FBA Amazon Calculator comes in the form of a chrome extension. Helium's FBA calculator is about estimating how profitable a tool may be in the event of its listing on Amazon. The tool allows you to base your choice of a product on the impacts size, fulfillment, pricing, and profit margins may have on the profitability of the product.

AMZ Scout

This free Amazon FBA calculator extension allows you to determine the product on your listing that will make you money. The tool offers you results of reviews on a particular product, the product's competitiveness, whether the product is optimized, and its potential to sell.

Final Thought

A good calculator can get you exactly the product you need. With the tool, you should know how certain factors may affect the profitability of your product. Moreover, you can understand how competitive your niche and product are. Therefore, take your time to decide on the best tool for you and start making some good Amazon choices.

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Find the Greatest Amazon Sales Estimator Tools

Every FBA seller on Amazon has experienced tough competition in the marketplace. Amazon has millions of sellers vending diverse items and products. Successful traders on the platform are the ones who select the right and profitable items to sell. With the help of a sales estimator, you can easily choose the right product to sell because you will be making decisions according to the information you have received from the tool.

Sales estimators’ works in such a way that it gives you an idea of the numbers of items you might sell according to the historical and ranking data of a given item. The data or information you receive assists you in deciding if the investment you choose is worthy of making a profit after spending on it.  

Top Amazon Sales Estimator Tools 

Researching for products is a work that requires an FBA seller to invest a lot of time and money. Moreover, researching for a product to trade is vital because it requires someone to conduct a deep analysis of the data they get to discover ways of ensuring the business gets better each day. If you want to be a prosperous seller, ensure that you pick the best sales estimator to research your items.

  • Helium 10

If you the type of a trader that likes to get correct, reliable, and comprehensive information about your Amazon items and improve your game, the paramount sales estimator tool to use is Helium 10. The software has a combination of more than ten tools with different features that you can assist you in saving money and equally make more profit.

fba amazon calculator

With Helium 10, a seller can benefit from all the selling steps. The tool can get used to tracking different keywords that you can use while marketing your products so that it can appear on the Amazon main search page, attracting more buyers hence an increase in sales. Moreover, it will show you how your product is ranked and when the ranking shifts.

  • Jungle Scout

Rated as the greatest sales estimator by most Amazon traders, Jungle Scout is a great tool that can help an individual to battle successfully sales interrelated worries. With the tool, a seller can easily access sale information of different items. What makes it more interesting is any user can use the estimator without the need to pay any fee. You can use the estimator tool to know the rough approximation of sales of a certain product. 

You can easily access Jungle Scout services on your mobile app or by visiting their website. You will enter the information regarding the product you want to know about its sales and the specific geographical area you want to learn about. The tool will display the sales rank of the item and an approximation of monthly sales data of the given item. With the information, you can formulate new ways that you can compete with other sellers and make successful sales.

  • Unicorn Smasher

With the use of Unicorn Smasher, you can easily get the sale estimates of different products. Check the Amazon products with to find their revenue and fees. Moreover, you will get the right data or information that you will use to improve your product sales. With the tool, you will easily study Amazon's open market and use the information you get and turn it beneficial to your business. The sales estimator tool has proved to be efficient because you will get the data you require displayed on your screen within a few seconds.

amazon sales calculator

  • ASINspector

For a seller who wants to get an accurate and instant an Item monthly sales value, ASINspector is a sales estimator software to use. Different client reviews regarding the tool show that most users were amazed by its accuracy and reliability. The tool offers the users with item page analysis, profit calculator, and finally, the net pay. You can easily estimate your sales by using ASINspector.


If you are interested in a competitive and profitable business, join the Amazon marketplace. Although you will face a high level of competition from millions of products and sellers joining the platform annually, it is worth trying because you will probably become successful with the right business plan. Therefore, as a seller, it would be vital to use the Amazon Sales Estimator because they can enable you to improve your business through increased product sales. The good thing is, you can use some of the sales estimators for free and fully study the marketplace. 

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How to Make Money on Amazon

  Nowadays, online marketplaces, such as Amazon, are the most popular place among buyers and sellers. You can either purchase whatever you need or sell and earn money from the comfort of your own home. Millions of products and open market are an excellent opportunity for making money on Amazon and being successful. If you are interested to hear more read on.

Ways to Earn Money on Amazon

how to make money selling on amazon

Make money selling on Amazon

  Depending on wheather you have an up running sales business or store, or you're just about to start your first sale on Amazon, you will have to choose between individual or professional models of collaboration. After you have selected the model for your sales, you will have to create a list of items you're going to trade. Choose your products wisely and check their rank in order to predict your sales and profit. Explore the market, and pick products that are in demand, keeping on your mind fees, pricing policy, competition, and many other factors that will influence your profit. Use IO Scout Amazon tools to make more money selling on Amazon.

The Amazon FBA Program

  Fulfillment by Amazon  is a great logistics partner that will handle all of your tasks related to preparing, packing, shipping, and customer service needs. You just need to focus on your products, market, and attracting buyers! There will be enough time for you to keep your eyes on the principal goal, which is earning money! 

Labeled Products

  Maybe you are manufacturing products, or you have a reliable partner that produces pre-existing goods with a label or unique logo? People tend to like more high-quality or labeled items. Therefore these products will sell a lot better on a worldwide market such as Amazon. 

One other great idea is to come up with the products that will represent a solution for easier, everyday life. Customers will love them, and your profit will rise enormously! 

Become a Wholesaler

  This is one of the ways entrepreneurs prefer, as it's not taking a lot of their time, and it's pretty simple. You'll need to find a company that offers products in bulk and sells them for a lower cost. Then, you will list those products for a higher rate in order to profit.  

Become a Writer

  Even though you're not a professional writer, you can sell books and have a passive income from Amazon. Pick the field you're most passionate about, and share your knowledge or experience with readers. If you have a successful business, write about the steps of how you made it, or write an online course. 

  Amazon will not take any charges if you want to publish your book for free. This is one of the possible ways to attract millions of readers worldwide, in the beginning, and later you can start earning money with Amazon by selling your printed books, e-books, or audio books.

  This platform is an exceptional opportunity for professional writers because publishing your books on Amazon is very accessible, and it will not cost you that much as it may be the case with the publishing hoses.

making money on amazon

Handmade products

  This business model is a great way to start making money on Amazon if you're crafting unique items. Whether the items are clothes, furniture objects, or accessories, the customers will love them, and you can become famous around the globe, by selling on Amazon.

Join the affiliate program

  If you have a broad audience on your blog page, Instagram, or other social media platforms, you can easily make money without actually selling the products. You can promote them and provide your readers with the links leading to the products you're recommending. But be careful, these items should be related to your content and customized for your readers. For example, if you're running a fashion blog, you can promote clothes, accessories, or jewellery that you liked, and your readers will be eager to find the same pieces and level-up their style. Amazon's affiliate program will provide you with personalized links for recommending products, and when someone purchased the item from your link, you're going to earn money.

Retail Arbitrage

  This model requires you to find stores that are selling retail products, or they're doing the liquidation of products. Simply, you buy the products and resell them at a higher price. This model sounds quite modest, but some people are making millions with this sale model.

Remote Jobs at Amazon

 make money selling on amazon

 Besides selling goods, there are other ways of earning money on Amazon. They offer remote jobs with a flexible working schedule, such as:

  • customer support
  • account management
  • tech support

If your English communicating skills are satisfying and you're in the particular eligible area, you can be employed in one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, Amazon. This is an excellent job opportunity for an additional income because you can pick your working hours and work from your home. 

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All About Amazon FBA Fees

If you want to sell your items on Amazon, their FBA program might interest you. Yes, this is a one-of-a-kind program tailored for entrepreneurs who are looking to save some time, all while racking up on the profits. But what exactly is this program all about and how much Amazon fba fees will you need to pay for it? Well, that’s what we will explore over the next few sections of this article.  

The Amazon FBA Program in a Nutshell 

The Fulfilled by Amazon Program is one of the best plans from this eCommerce giant. This plan is designed to help anyone who’s looking to make some money from their product sales. With IO Scout Chrome Extension all product data right on Amazon pages. To sign up, all you need to do is create a listing. Now, every time any buyer purchases your product, Amazon will collect and deliver it to the customer at the earliest. Whether it’s storing, packing, or shipping the product- this eCommerce portal will handle it all! Of course, you need to pay a small fee to avail this service, and over the following section, we will take a closer look at all the charges you’ll need to bear.  

fba amazon fees

A Fee for Referral 

As an FBA seller, you’ll need to pay a small referral charge as the commission for all the items you’re selling via their portal. While there’s usually a flat charge involved in the process, in most cases it’s either 15% or even lesser.  

The biggest highlight of this arrangement is that you do not need to bear any upfront charges. The fees only come to the picture after every successful sale. The amount usually varies depending on the type of item you’re selling.  

Individual or Professional Account Charges 

Most Amazon sellers are probably familiar with the different merchant accounts. You can currently choose from either the individual or the professional plan. For the former arrangement, you’re required shell out $0.99 against every item sold. The latter process, however, involves a flat fee of $40. This is for your entire monthly proceeds and it’s directly charged from your seller account.  

Refund Charges 

If any customer is dissatisfied with a product you’ve sold, they can request a refund. Since the eCommerce portal is handling this entire process, they will levy a small fee for their facility. You are either required to pay $5 (flat charge) or 20% of your item’s value. A part of the fulfillment by amazon fees, the lowest value (from the two options) will be charged to the seller.  

Fulfillment Fees 

Since you’ve opted for the fulfillment facility by amazon, you also need to pay FBA Amazon fees. The shopping portal charges this amount for shipping, packing, and managing your product and it will vary depending on your item’s size. Usually, the amount starts from $2.41 and goes up to a whopping $137.32 if your item is oversized. Your listing will be deemed oversized if it crosses the threshold of 21 lbs. As of now, you cannot sell a product beyond 151 lbs. The platform will conduct some minor arrangements for special situations.  

Storage Fees 

As a part of Amazon FBA cost, sellers are required to pay fees for storing their items in Amazon’s inventory. Like your seller accounts, here you’ll get the option for choosing between monthly storage and more long-term storage. For the first option, you need to pay different fees depending on your product’s size. The fees also vary depending on the time of the year when you’re storing the items. It usually starts from $.48 and might range up to $2.40 (for every cubic foot).  

If the product has been stored for more than three months, then you might have to pay almost $7 for every cubic foot your item uses. Again, if it’s stored for more than a year, then you’d have to pay an extra $0.15 for every unit of the product.  

It is worth noting that the amazon fba fee for storing might go up during the shopping portal’s busy seasons. The platform has this arrangement for coaxing sellers to get done with their slow-selling products.  

Bottom Line 

While these were some of the fba fees the eCommerce portal usually charges, they may vary according to the product you’re selling or Amazon’s own specific policies. That is why it is best to double-check about the fees on the portal itself to avoid any miscommunication. Being Amazon sellers, we think the overall charges are quite decent given the facilities and brand value the portal is offering you. That is also one of the many reasons why the fulfillment option is the best program from the company.  

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Amazon FBA Guide

amazon fba product research

Due to the penetration of technology into our daily lives, online shopping has become an important part of a consumer’s life. People prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes and more and more sellers are emerging to sell their products to online shoppers. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce store that has successfully captured the US market and diverted consumers towards its platform. Due to the fierce competition, selling on amazon is getting trickier day by day. There are multiple ways to sell your products on Amazon and FBA is the most common procedure adopted by many sellers.

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by amazon also known as Amazon FBA business is a procedure of selling your products where each and everything regarding products is being handled by Amazon itself. You deliver your products to your nearest amazon storage areas and after that, amazon handles the inventory, packaging and shipping. This is the best procedure for new sellers as they don’t have enough experience to handle everything themselves. In amazon FBA seller, Amazon also handles customer’s queries, returns and refund issues.

How to Sell On Amazon FBA?

As the name suggests, in amazon FBA, amazon doe all the hard work for you. Let’s see how it works:

1.Send Your Products to Amazon

The first and the foremost step for selling products through amazon FBA is to ship your products to Amazon warehouse. Amazon keeps your products safe in their large fulfillment centers.

2.Storage of Products

Amazon stores your products and creates your inventory. They take care of your products with a full heart and incase if anything gets damaged accidentally, amazon pays for it.

3.Manage Orders

When one of your customers make an order, amazon handles the transaction for you. Please beware, each and everything is automated so there is hardly any chance of a mishap.

4.Product Packaging

After the order is received, amazon’s employee picks up the product and pack it to be delivered.

5.Order Delivery

After the packaging, amazon delivers the product at the customer’s doorstep. A feedback call is also been made to ensure if everything is in order. Amazon also handles customer’s queries if any.

How To Find Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA

Finding the right product to sell on Amazon can be a daunting task. But there are tools which help you in your search. Top 3 tools are IOScout, seller labs, and jungle scout.


IOScout is the best tool to research the right product to sell on amazon. It has a large database of keywords that helps you find the right product niche. You can search and find the most searched keywords through its 150 million amazon product listings.

Seller Labs

Keyword research and optimization, automated emails are the top features of this tool. It offers a huge database to its customers for finding profitable product niches and keywords.

Jungle Scout

Whether you are planning to start a business on Amazon or wants to grow an existing business, jungle scout covers it all. This tool has been used by 200,000 entrepreneurs to date. It allows product research with just one click. The filter option allows you to apply filters so that you can get desired results in minutes.


Benefits of Using Amazon FBA

Ease Of Storage And Delivery

As we have mentioned above, in amazon FBA, amazon does all the work for you while you sit at your homes. It saves a lot of your time which you otherwise have spent on packaging and shipping. This is indeed the biggest advantage of using Amazon FBA. 

Consumer’s Trust

While selling on Amazon FBA, you consumers can see “fulfilled by amazon” written on your product listings and this automatically earns you your buyer’s trust. Online shoppers tend to become regular customers of your products if they trust you.

Customer Service Management

This is another biggest advantage of using Amazon FBA. Amazon handles customers on your behalf and answers all their queries. Refund and return issues are also being handled by amazon without bothering you. Isn’t it cool?

Disadvantages of Using Amazon FBA

It Cost Money

Nothing comes for free. Amazon FBA services charge money to handle your products and shipping. So make sure you rate your products a little higher so that you can earn even after paying amazon.

Loss of Control

Amazon stores your inventory for you unless they are being purchased sooner or later. Until then, you don’t have any control over your own inventory. If it bothers you, then FBA selling is not a suitable option for you.


Final Thoughts

Amazon FBA allows sellers to get their products to sell. If you find this procedure helpful, make sure you opt for it after full filling all prerequisites. Customers are most likely to trust you when they are being delivered by amazon.






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