Find the Greatest Amazon Sales Estimator Tools

written on 26, 2, 2020

Every FBA seller on Amazon has experienced tough competition in the marketplace. Amazon has millions of sellers vending diverse items and products. Successful traders on the platform are the ones who select the right and profitable items to sell. With the help of a sales estimator, you can easily choose the right product to sell because you will be making decisions according to the information you have received from the tool.

Sales estimators’ works in such a way that it gives you an idea of the numbers of items you might sell according to the historical and ranking data of a given item. The data or information you receive assists you in deciding if the investment you choose is worthy of making a profit after spending on it.  

Top Amazon Sales Estimator Tools 

Researching for products is a work that requires an FBA seller to invest a lot of time and money. Moreover, researching for a product to trade is vital because it requires someone to conduct a deep analysis of the data they get to discover ways of ensuring the business gets better each day. If you want to be a prosperous seller, ensure that you pick the best sales estimator to research your items.

  • Helium 10

If you the type of a trader that likes to get correct, reliable, and comprehensive information about your Amazon items and improve your game, the paramount sales estimator tool to use is Helium 10. The software has a combination of more than ten tools with different features that you can assist you in saving money and equally make more profit.

fba amazon calculator

With Helium 10, a seller can benefit from all the selling steps. The tool can get used to tracking different keywords that you can use while marketing your products so that it can appear on the Amazon main search page, attracting more buyers hence an increase in sales. Moreover, it will show you how your product is ranked and when the ranking shifts.

  • Jungle Scout

Rated as the greatest sales estimator by most Amazon traders, Jungle Scout is a great tool that can help an individual to battle successfully sales interrelated worries. With the tool, a seller can easily access sale information of different items. What makes it more interesting is any user can use the estimator without the need to pay any fee. You can use the estimator tool to know the rough approximation of sales of a certain product. 

You can easily access Jungle Scout services on your mobile app or by visiting their website. You will enter the information regarding the product you want to know about its sales and the specific geographical area you want to learn about. The tool will display the sales rank of the item and an approximation of monthly sales data of the given item. With the information, you can formulate new ways that you can compete with other sellers and make successful sales.

  • Unicorn Smasher

With the use of Unicorn Smasher, you can easily get the sale estimates of different products. Check the Amazon products with to find their revenue and fees. Moreover, you will get the right data or information that you will use to improve your product sales. With the tool, you will easily study Amazon's open market and use the information you get and turn it beneficial to your business. The sales estimator tool has proved to be efficient because you will get the data you require displayed on your screen within a few seconds.

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  • ASINspector

For a seller who wants to get an accurate and instant an Item monthly sales value, ASINspector is a sales estimator software to use. Different client reviews regarding the tool show that most users were amazed by its accuracy and reliability. The tool offers the users with item page analysis, profit calculator, and finally, the net pay. You can easily estimate your sales by using ASINspector.


If you are interested in a competitive and profitable business, join the Amazon marketplace. Although you will face a high level of competition from millions of products and sellers joining the platform annually, it is worth trying because you will probably become successful with the right business plan. Therefore, as a seller, it would be vital to use the Amazon Sales Estimator because they can enable you to improve your business through increased product sales. The good thing is, you can use some of the sales estimators for free and fully study the marketplace. 

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