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Due to the penetration of technology into our daily lives, online shopping has become an important part of a consumer’s life. People prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes and more and more sellers are emerging to sell their products to online shoppers. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce store that has successfully captured the US market and diverted consumers towards its platform. Due to the fierce competition, selling on amazon is getting trickier day by day. There are multiple ways to sell your products on Amazon and FBA is the most common procedure adopted by many sellers.

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by amazon also known as Amazon FBA business is a procedure of selling your products where each and everything regarding products is being handled by Amazon itself. You deliver your products to your nearest amazon storage areas and after that, amazon handles the inventory, packaging and shipping. This is the best procedure for new sellers as they don’t have enough experience to handle everything themselves. In amazon FBA seller, Amazon also handles customer’s queries, returns and refund issues.

How to Sell On Amazon FBA?

As the name suggests, in amazon FBA, amazon doe all the hard work for you. Let’s see how it works:

1.Send Your Products to Amazon

The first and the foremost step for selling products through amazon FBA is to ship your products to Amazon warehouse. Amazon keeps your products safe in their large fulfillment centers.

2.Storage of Products

Amazon stores your products and creates your inventory. They take care of your products with a full heart and incase if anything gets damaged accidentally, amazon pays for it.

3.Manage Orders

When one of your customers make an order, amazon handles the transaction for you. Please beware, each and everything is automated so there is hardly any chance of a mishap.

4.Product Packaging

After the order is received, amazon’s employee picks up the product and pack it to be delivered.

5.Order Delivery

After the packaging, amazon delivers the product at the customer’s doorstep. A feedback call is also been made to ensure if everything is in order. Amazon also handles customer’s queries if any.

How To Find Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA

Finding the right product to sell on Amazon can be a daunting task. But there are tools which help you in your search. Top 3 tools are IOScout, seller labs, and jungle scout.


IOScout is the best tool to research the right product to sell on amazon. It has a large database of keywords that helps you find the right product niche. You can search and find the most searched keywords through its 150 million amazon product listings.

Seller Labs

Keyword research and optimization, automated emails are the top features of this tool. It offers a huge database to its customers for finding profitable product niches and keywords.

Jungle Scout

Whether you are planning to start a business on Amazon or wants to grow an existing business, jungle scout covers it all. This tool has been used by 200,000 entrepreneurs to date. It allows product research with just one click. The filter option allows you to apply filters so that you can get desired results in minutes.


Benefits of Using Amazon FBA

Ease Of Storage And Delivery

As we have mentioned above, in amazon FBA, amazon does all the work for you while you sit at your homes. It saves a lot of your time which you otherwise have spent on packaging and shipping. This is indeed the biggest advantage of using Amazon FBA. 

Consumer’s Trust

While selling on Amazon FBA, you consumers can see “fulfilled by amazon” written on your product listings and this automatically earns you your buyer’s trust. Online shoppers tend to become regular customers of your products if they trust you.

Customer Service Management

This is another biggest advantage of using Amazon FBA. Amazon handles customers on your behalf and answers all their queries. Refund and return issues are also being handled by amazon without bothering you. Isn’t it cool?

Disadvantages of Using Amazon FBA

It Cost Money

Nothing comes for free. Amazon FBA services charge money to handle your products and shipping. So make sure you rate your products a little higher so that you can earn even after paying amazon.

Loss of Control

Amazon stores your inventory for you unless they are being purchased sooner or later. Until then, you don’t have any control over your own inventory. If it bothers you, then FBA selling is not a suitable option for you.


Final Thoughts

Amazon FBA allows sellers to get their products to sell. If you find this procedure helpful, make sure you opt for it after full filling all prerequisites. Customers are most likely to trust you when they are being delivered by amazon.






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