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written on 28, 2, 2020

fba fee calculator

A business on Amazon can be quite profitable when you have the right product mix. A product mix allows you to spread your costs and reduce risks that could result from listing a single product. Researching for the right products for your product mix is significant for a more profitable business outcome. Fortunately, that process is now easy with the help of a useful FBA calculator .  

What is an FBA Calculator

This is a tool that helps you to decide on the right products for your product mix by determining their profitability. An FBA calculator will generally help you to compare products based on their pricing and cost. The tool also allows you to know the impacts the weight of a product, its dimensions, the sales price, and the cost of the product have on the performance of the product in your product mix. One of the best tools for this purpose is the Amazon FBA Calculator .

Amazon’s FBA Calculator is quite easy to use. The steps of using the tool are as follows:

  1. Enter the name of the product you seek into the search tool, “find your product.” Listings of all the products of that kind on Amazon will surface. IO Scout present bsr calculator free trial! From here, you will get the choice to choose the product of your liking.
  2. Fill in the pricing information in the seller calculator on Amazon. The seller calculator is common for its two columns the Amazon fulfillment and your fulfillment columns. At the bottom is the total revenue from the product price and the shipping cost. These two columns are independent. “ Amazon Fulfilment ” is the calculation for when Amazon will do the storage of inventory, the packaging of an ordered item, and the shipping of the product to its buyer(Also termed Fulfillment by Amazon). “Your Fulfilment” is the one for the product you will do the storage of inventory, the packaging of ordered items, and shipping of the product to the purchaser. Upon entering the price information, it is now time to enter the shipping fee in case you will get any non-FBA orders on Amazon.
  3. Click calculate to determine the expense. On entering pricing information, the FBA calculator for Amazon will usually tell you how much it will expense you to ship to a customer by yourself. You also get to calculate the expense for shipping each item to Amazon's fulfillment centers. It is cost-effective to ship your products in bulk instead of individually.

Now that you have all the information filled in the calculator, it is now to get the full calculation. You will have the result for the profit margins, both for when you use FBA and FBM.

It takes a lot of time to fulfill an order by yourself. Amazon can save you that trouble do the math, and make your choice on the perfect fulfillment. Remember that you are not limited to this Amazon FBA revenue calculator . There are other tools can help with that.

Jungle Scout

This business financial tool categorizes the cost of your product into three, namely the upfront costs meant for things like cost of goods, the cost for taking photographs of products, and even costs for samples and shipping. The second category is the variable cost, which involves the fees for storage and fees for FBA. The last category is fees for marketing for things such as pay per clicks, among other promotion campaigns.

Helium tool

This FBA Amazon Calculator comes in the form of a chrome extension. Helium's FBA calculator is about estimating how profitable a tool may be in the event of its listing on Amazon. The tool allows you to base your choice of a product on the impacts size, fulfillment, pricing, and profit margins may have on the profitability of the product.

AMZ Scout

This free Amazon FBA calculator extension allows you to determine the product on your listing that will make you money. The tool offers you results of reviews on a particular product, the product's competitiveness, whether the product is optimized, and its potential to sell.

Final Thought

A good calculator can get you exactly the product you need. With the tool, you should know how certain factors may affect the profitability of your product. Moreover, you can understand how competitive your niche and product are. Therefore, take your time to decide on the best tool for you and start making some good Amazon choices.

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